If you have been thinking about signing up for the live Zoom fiddle workshops this month, but weren’t sure about how Stewart goes about teaching tune, you might want to check out this video tutorial recorded last July.

It’s a lovely, bouncy English jig, and Stewart introduces different types of bowing patterns with short exercises to see how these feel. He then plays through the A part, before teaching it phrase by phrase with a suggested bowing to try, using the structure of the tune to bring it all together. After doing the same with the B part, there is time to add some ornamentation and lazy bows to decorate the tune and bring it to life.

[Use the “Watch on YouTube” button if you would like to see the links to jump to different sections of the video. These are in the description – “Show More” under the video title in YouTube.]

The Zoom Workshops are much the same, but with time to warm up together at the beginning, using exercises which will often lead to sections of the tune being learnt without even realising it! Stewart keeps a close eye on the screen to check people are keeping up, and addresses any questions as they arise.

Check out the information and booking details for the May workshops here: