Maddison’s Thread

“Singer songwriter Lee Maddison with his band, Maddison’s Thread, features internationally acclaimed fiddler Stewart Hardy. Together they create an earthy, acoustic driven soundscape that perfectly complements the realism of Lee’s conscientiously crafted songs.

Driven by narrative and metaphor, a common thread of questing weaves through Lee’s songs that are strongly melodic and unashamedly accessible, ranging from personal idylls of a world to strive for to reflections on the  materialism and inequalities which pervade modern life – rooted in folk whilst embracing elements of blues, rock and country.”

This is what people have said about the debut album ‘Maddison’s Thread’.

“…it’s staggering to consider this is Maddison’s first recording; it has a confidence which stands head and shoulders above the norm”. – FETEA Records

“…a strong, mature debut: an old soul wrapped in deceptively modern packaging”. – Phantom Tollbooth

“… this discovery is one of the best of recent years… a contender for album of the year for me and one that will stay with me for a very long time”. – Progradar: Music Matters


A great compliation video from a day in the studios with Maddison’s Thread, backed by Lee’s wonderful song, “Tumbleweed.”