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The Lads Like Beer
The Fiddle Music of James Hill’s Tyneside (CD)

Sample: Tyke Side (performed by Stewart Hardy) from
10. The Champion Hornpipe/The Hunter/Tyke Side


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The Lads Like Beer
The Fiddle Music of James Hill’s Tyneside (CD)


The CD was recorded and mastered by Anthony Robb, co-produced by Anthony Robb and Stewart Hardy.



  1. The New Year’s Gift/The South Shore/James Hill’s Waltz (Stewart Hardy)
  2. James Hill’s Waltz (Pete Clark & Gregor Lowrey)
  3. Roslin Castle (Greg Lawson)
  4. Roslin Castle (Chuck Fleming)
  5. The Old Church Hornpipe/The Newcastle Hornpipe (Greg Lawson & Nikki Williamson)
  6. The Barber’s Pole/The Locomotive/The High Level Bridge Hornpipe (Stewart Hardy)
  7. Auld Robin Gray (Pete Clark & Gregor Lowrey)
  8. Little Jim’s Hornpipe/The Gateshead Hornpipe (Neil Smith & Erardo Evans)
  9. No. 8 – A Hornpipe/The Cage (Chuck Fleming)
  10. The Champion Hornpipe/The Hunter/Tyke Side (Stewart HardyI)
  11. Beeswing (Greg Lawson)
  12. Free Trade/The Lads Like Beer (Chuck Fleming)
  13. Underhand/The Steamboat (Jimmy Little & Kathy Anderson)
  14. The Fiddler’s Fancy (Greg Lawson)
  15. Factory Smoke/XYZ (Stewart Hardy & Matt Price)
  16. Hawk’s Polka (Greg Lawson & Nikki Williamson)
  17. Earl Grey (Pete Clark & Gregor Lowrey)
  18. Little Jim’s Hornpipe (Greg Lawson)
  19. Spence’s Tent/The Lads Like Beer/The Quayside (Bottle Bank Band)
  20. The Omnibus/The Marquis of Waterford’s Hornpipe (Andy May)
  21. The Hawk (Stewart Hardy)
  22. Along the Bottle Bank (Johnny Handle)


Released 2013

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