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Stewart Hardy & Frank McLaughlin

A snapshot of the acoustic set Stewart and Frank perform live as a duo – aspects of their repertoire stripped back to the bare essentials of fiddle, guitar and Scottish smallpipes.

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13. Loco Brown Fair


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Stewart Hardy & Frank McLaughlin


  1. Joy Together
  2. The Pilgrim’s Way
  3. Clarology
  4. Earl Tyneside
  5. Air, Champagne and Beer
  6. Chloe’s Fret
  7. Long Wait
  8. Sgt. Early’s No. 1
  9. Nepali Thunder
  10. Jim and Euan
  11. Bonnie Bell Fog
  12. Pig and Hannahs
  13. Loco Brown Fair


“Root2 had me right from the beginning… there is a real sense of pride that comes through their performances… Most of the music is what I would term mid-tempo – the excitement comes from the spot-on touch of these players, not a rampaging beat. The CD is stripped clean of the ornamentation that a plethora of instruments can provide. It is oh, so clean and, according to the notes accompanying the album, is highly indicative of the live set they perform as a duo. Their live set must be just dynamite, because that it precisely how I feel about Root2.”  John C. McClure, Victory Review Acoustic Music Magazine.

“The instrumental pairing of Stewart Hardy and Frank McLaughlin is one of traditional music’s great examples of cross-Border co-operation… Hardy brings a terrific range of colourful expression to his playing… and McLaughlin is both an imaginative accompanist and an assured tunesmith… All in all, Root2 is a treasure chest of traditional music making, with every listen revealing new riches.” Rob Adams, Herald Scotland

“North-East England fiddler Stewart Hardy and Scots guitarist and piper Frank McLaughlin take an unhurried yet masterly approach in this sweet-sounding album of traditional and self-composed tunes… The pair’s sinuous lightness of touch and sense of enjoyment is a lesson for some of our more determinedly iconoclastic young players.” Jim Gilchrist, The Scotsman

“Whether drawing from the Scottish and Irish piping repertoire, from Tyneside’s rich heritage of tunes, or forging their own compositions from these traditions, Hardy and McLaughlin show themselves to be players of immense empathy and spirit.”  Oz Hardwick, R2

Released December 1, 2009

A digital version of this album is included in the purchase price.
Download includes zip folders for both mp3 and m4a formats.

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