I am excited to annouce that there will be three online Fiddle Workshops on 25th and 26th July, open to all intermediate & advanced fiddle players. Drawing on what we have learned in various group workshops during lockdown these workshops will be held on Zoom, focusing on three fabulous tunes associated with the North East. Each workshop will be aimed at a particular ability level with full worksheets including bowing and ornaments and audio files available in advance. The tunes will be taught as if by ear, with plenty of repetition, and technical exercises will be introduced to make learning and playing the tune easier. Learn the bowing patterns associated with the groove of the tunes and which ornaments help to bring the tunes to life.

All participants are muted during the workshop delivery, and the use of ethernet cable and high quality microphones from the teaching room provide the best quality audio possible. There will be plenty of short breaks during the workshops

Workshops are £15 each, and are aimed at Lower Intermediate, Upper Intermediate or Advanced Players. Full details are available on the July Fiddle Workshops page.