North East Fiddle School is online!

We are running our first block of virtual classes, using pdfs of worksheets, audio files of studio recordings of the tunes at different speeds, and video tutorials on YouTube for interactive technical practice sessions and for teaching the tunes with bowing and ornamentation.

We are also running Fiddle Technique Practice sessions via Zoom video conferencing. These are an optional extra for participants, but bring the group together once a week, and encourage everyone to get their fiddles out and play together. You can only hear yourself and the leader, but you can see everyone participating.

The silver lining during this lockdown is that people who aren’t normally able to join up to NEFS can take part in the virtual classes. Whether people have prior engagements on a Wednesday evening, or live too far away to travel to Newcastle, now our classes can be taken in your own home and in your own time. You can repeat sections of the video where you need to, and you can even slow down the playback speed to play along with. We are delighted to have welcomed new participants from across the UK, and we have just had our first international student join up, from South Australia no less!

Do get in touch if you would like more information on our Online Classes or would like to book on!