Graham Dixon continues to be a great ambassador for the fiddle music of North East England. His books on Robert Whinham and James Hill are among my favourites and I would recommend them to anybody. He is also a lovely, lovely man. So when he asked me to play some of James Hill’s tunes to illustrate his talk at the Glenties Fiddlers Weekend, I couldn’t say yes quickly enough! The opportunity to attend this famous annual gathering of fiddlers is a huge added bonus and I feel particularly honoured to have the chance to give a workshop and play some of Hill’s tunes to such an informed audience.


From their website:

The 37th Annual Glenties Fiddlers Weekend
Fri 4th – Sun 6th, Oct 2019

This is a major gathering of fiddle players established in 1983 and held in The Highlands Hotel, Glenties on the first weekend in October. This popular event is for anyone interested in fiddle music and the formal programme includes classes, a concert with special guest fiddle players, talks and occasional recitals. The Friday night is always the occasion for some great fiddle music as players from all over Ireland arrive in Glenties for the weekend. Fiddle players from the Scottish tradition are commonly featured as are both young and established players from the Donegal tradition. Workshops for persons who have already achieved a level of playing are provided during the course of the weekend.

Special Event  – Saturday 5th October at 1pm –

Talk – Graham Dixon on the music of James Hill – with Stewart Hardy on fiddle


One Off Event – Saturday 5th October at 3pm – 5pm 

A fiddle class by Stewart Hardy on James Hill fiddle tunes €15 – suitable for advanced level players.


Concert 2019 – Saturday 5th October – Highlands Hotel at 9pm –

Performers –

Stewart Hardy – fiddle – The fiddle music of James Hill

Roisin and Ella McGrory

Peter Campbell

Clare Friel


Fiddle Workshops 2019
Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th October
11.00am – 12.30pm – For more information on this event contact us