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Hawthorn’s Sweeter Shade
Stewart Hardy

A solo CD stripped back to the bare essentials: the majority of the tracks are solo, unaccompanied fiddle and of the rest, seven are fiddle duets and three tunes are arranged for string ensemble. All instruments are played by Stewart.




Hawthorn’s Sweeter Shade
Stewart Hardy


  1. Wild Hills of Wannies
  2. Italian Maggot
  3. Bottle Bank
  4. Niel Gow’s Lament for the Death of His Second Wife
  5. Emma’s Reel
  6. If You Jack
  7. Young Blenheim
  8. King Jacob Shuter
  9. Roslin Castle
  10. Yule Sea
  11. Hawthorn’s Sweeter Shade
  12. Bess King’s Hornpipe
  13. Lament for the Death of the Rev. Archie Beaton
  14. Cheviot Rants
  15. Factory Smoke
  16. Farewell to Bradford
  17. Free Trade
  18. The Purlongs
  19. The Flower of Yarrow

“Beautifully and stylishly played, good technique serves the music, never being used for mere flash.”
Tom Bell-Richards, Fiddle On.

“Hardy’s fiddling is technically nigh perfect, and his solo performance is enough to hold the attention for over an hour on this CD”
Alex Monaghan, Living Tradition.

Released December 1, 2012

Recorded and Mastered by Anthony Robb
Produced by Anthony Robb and Stewart Hardy
© 2012 Hooky Mat Records HMS 016

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