Hewlett (O’Carolan)

Of all the tunes attributed to Carolan that are played regularly in sessions, this is my personal favourite. It works very well as a slow reflective tune, but the earliest printed versions suggest it should be much faster. Instructions such as “Vivace” and descriptions such as “lively bacchanalian composition” give a clue! Whatever your preference, enjoy one of Carolan’s classics.




Product Description


Download includes the sheet music of Hewlett with Fiddle Chord Boxes, suggestions for bowings and ornaments. Recordings of the tune are provided at two different speeds – a steady tempo and at full speed.

The sheet music (pdf) contains:

  1. Source material with Fiddle Chord Boxes
  2. Bowing suggestions
  3. Ornaments

The recordings include both mp3 and m4a formats for each of the recordings:

  1. Melody recorded at a steady tempo
  2. Melody recorded at full speed