The Gift (CD Pre Order)


Pre-Order the new album now. Release date: 3rd April 2018.

The Gift
Stewart Hardy & Frank McLaughlin

This is a CD Pre-Order. Please choose whether to collect at the Album Launch Concert in Gosforth (ticket holders only) or to receive by post (£2 UK postage per CD, different rates for other countries apply). Please note that if you select postage the product will ship to you on its release date of 3rd April 2018.

As a thank you for pre-ordering, you will receive a special gift in the form of a pdf of notation of a track from the album, not currently available to purchase! This will be sent by email after the release date.

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Product Description

The Gift
Stewart Hardy & Frank McLaughlin


  1. Hillside
  2. Day for Giggles
  3. Factory XYZ
  4. Something for Gordon
  5. Puzzle Dripper
  6. Yansby
  7. Lifegift
  8. Polskapipe
  9. Storm Party
  10. Lord Joicey’s Gift
  11. Brunswick Street


This new album of predominantly self-penned material reflects a shared musical heritage rooted in the traditions of Scotland, the Borders and Northumberland, and exemplifies the very best of collaborations between fiddle and guitar. Stewart and Frank share a delightful insight into their 22 years together performing as a musical partnership, in only their second instrumental duo release, following their critically acclaimed debut Root2.