Shuter’s Hornpipe


Shuter’s Hornpipe

Learn the tune as recorded on Hawthorn’s Sweeter Shade! These resources include the sheet music with the source material, chords, bowings, ornaments, lazy bows and the harmony line, and recordings of the tune played at different speeds and with the harmony. This allows you to learn from the dots or by ear, with a click introduction to the strict tempo recordings, so you can play along.




Product Description

Shuter’s Hornpipe

Download includes the sheet music of Shuter’s Hornpipe and recordings of the tune with a click beat introduction (for playing along to) at 54 bpm and 84 bpm for practice, plus a realization of the tune. There is an additional Harmony line recorded separately, and as a duo with the tune, both with and without a count in.

The sheet music (pdf) contains:

  1. Source material with chords
  2. Bowing suggestions
  3. Ornaments
  4. Lazy Bows
  5. Harmony line

The recordings include both mp3 and m4a formats for each of the recordings:

  1. Melody recorded at 054 bpm
  2. Melody recorded at 084 bpm
  3. Harmony line recorded at 084 bpm
  4. Duo recording of melody and harmony with count in
  5. Duo recording of melody and harmony without count in