Lads and Lasses


Lads and Lasses

A truly happy and optimistic tune full of the joys of spring, this rather unusual triple hornpipe from the eighteenth century is presented at two different speeds with a click introduction to the strict tempo recordings. Play along and learn by ear or use the sheet music which annotates the bowing and ornamentation used in the recordings, as well as suggestions for chords.

From Volume Three of John Young’s 1726 edition of ‘The Dancing Master’




Product Description

Lads and Lasses

Download includes the sheet music of Lads and Lasses with suggestions for chords (including Fiddle Chord Boxes), bowings, ornaments and lazy bows. Recordings of the tune are provided at two different speeds.

The sheet music (pdf) contains:

  1. Source material with chord suggestions and Fiddle Chord Boxes
  2. Bowing
  3. Ornaments
  4. Realization

The recordings include both mp3 and m4a formats for each of the recordings:

  1. Melody recorded at mid tempo (74 bpm)
  2. Melody recorded at a faster tempo (108 bpm)