Jock Wilson of Fenton


Jock Wilson of Fenton

A cracking rant which makes a great dance tune. These resources include the sheet music with the source material, chords, bowings, ornaments, and a realization (putting it all together with some lazy bow suggestions), and recordings of the tune played at five different speeds. This allows you to learn from the dots or by ear, with a click introduction to the recordings, so you can play along.




Product Description

Jock Wilson of Fenton

Download includes the sheet music of Jock Wilson of Fenton and recordings of the tune with a click beat introduction for playing along to at five different speeds – great for gradually increasing your confidence and speed.

The sheet music (pdf) contains:

  1. Source material with chord suggestions
  2. Bowing suggestions
  3. Ornaments
  4. Realization

The recordings include both mp3 and m4a formats for each of the recordings:

  1. Melody at 052 bpm
  2. Melody at 068 bpm
  3. Melody at 080 bpm
  4. Melody at 096 bpm
  5. Melody at 108 bpm