Jack Lintel’s Jig


Jack Lintel’s Jig (William Vickers MS, 1770)
(The Cellar Door Key; Come Ye Awa’ Frae France)

Learn the tune! These resources include the sheet music with the source material, bowings, ornamentation and harmony line, and recordings of the melody at different speeds and with the harmony line.


Jack Lintel’s Jig is recorded on the album Hawthorn’s Sweeter Shade in Track 6: If You Jack.



Product Description

Jack Lintel’s Jig

From the eighteenth century manuscript made by William Vickers of Bellingham in Northumberland, this is a version of the tune used for the well known Jacobite song, Come Ye Awa’ Frae France.

Download includes the sheet music and recordings of the tune.

The sheet music (pdf) contains:

  1. Source material with chords
  2. Bowing suggestions
  3. Realization (ornamentation, double stops)
  4. Harmony line

The recordings include 4 files in mp3 and m4a formats:

  1. Melody recorded at 074 bpm
  2. Melody recorded at 108 bpm
  3. Duo recording of tune and harmony with count in
  4. Duo recording of tune and harmony