Italian Rant


Italian Rant

‘An Italian Rant’ can be found in John Playford’s classic collection, ‘The Dancing Master’, first published in 1651 but reprinted through many editions well into the eighteenth century. It starts life as a sixteenth century song, ‘La Mantovana’, composed by Italian tenor Giuseppe Cenci. This renaissance hit has adapted and endured, appearing for example as the main theme in Bedřich Smetna’s ‘Vltava’ from ‘Ma Vlast’ and more recently as the Israeli national anthem, ‘Hatikvah’.




Product Description

Italian rant

Download includes the sheet music of An Italian Rant, with suggestions for bowings and a harmony line. Recordings of the tune are provided at steady and full speed, along with the harmony line recorded with the tune.

The sheet music (pdf) contains:

  1. Source material with chord suggestions
  2. Bowing suggestions

The recordings include both mp3 and m4a formats for each of the recordings:

  1. The tune at a steady tempo
  2. The tune at full speed
  3. The tune with the harmony line

An Italian Rant is recorded by Stewart with Dick’s Maggot on Track 2 – Italian Maggot of Hawthorn’s Sweeter Shade.