Workshops offered include:

  • – Fiddle Workshops
  • – Mixed Instrument Workshops
  • – Ensembles
  • – One-day workouts
  • – Residential courses


Workshops are tailored to each specific group, but the content of most workshops can be divided into the following elements:


General overview

The guiding principle behind these workshops is that at the end of the session, participants should be:

  • – motivated to continue working on the subjects explored;
  • – inspired and curious to investigate further;
  • – in possession of sufficient knowledge and material resources to continue self-directed study.

Workshops are both intensive and participatory. They are also a lot of fun – presented in an informal, accessible and inclusive atmosphere in the belief that this provides the most conducive and enjoyable learning environment. Workshops can be provided on the following basis:

  • – structured courses of between 3 and 15 sessions for either fiddle or mixed
    instruments, delivered as

    • • weekly courses
    • • residential weekend or week-long courses
    • • one-day workouts;
  • – one-off workshops for either fiddle or mixed instruments aimed in particular at
    festivals and school/college/university visits.

Workshops can be tailored to suit musicians of mixed abilities and backgrounds, specific abilities (from beginner to professional) and particular backgrounds (e.g. folk, classical, jazz, rock, pop &c.) Promoters and organisers should contact Stewart to discuss details.