Well, December is well and truly here and school shows have begun for this year’s Holly & Ivy. I am usually joined for Holly & Ivy by local folk legend, David Oliver and by the extraordinarily talented Laura Connolly. But this year, as Laura takes some well-deserved time-out to look after her new gorgeous baby girl, David and I are joined by the lovely Grace Smith.

This year, the only non-school production of Holly & Ivy will take place in Core Music in Hexham on Sunday 11th Dec at 2.30 pm. Entrance is by donations on the door, but you can reserve your seat in advance by contacting Core Music directly.

The ‘Holly & Ivy’ is a concert lasting between 45 and 60 minutes, presenting songs, stories, dances and customs associated with Midwinter, Christmas and the New Year. It’s lively, informal, participative and highly professional.