On Tuesday 1st November I will be joining Bottle Bank Band in our Autumn Concert. We are looking forward to returning to the lovely Embleton Village Hall for a fun evening, playing sets from our album and some new material too. We were very pleased to have had some recent air time on Radio 3 thanks to Verity Sharp on Late Junction, including some kind words about a workshop of mine she attended once. We have also received some lovely reviews of the album which are shared below. More details on the Concert can be found on the event page.

“Bottle Bank Band come at their art from their own distinct direction and along the way deliver an album that could never be referred to as ‘same as,’ more accurately it’s different, stands out from the crowd… [They] have an album that reflects the scope of their talents. From harmonically rich and frenzied energy through deeply mournful and inspired creativity, Bottle Bank Band take you through a sparkling selection of tune sets … ‘Blaydon Reels’, ‘Waking Moment’, ‘Temptation Rag’, ‘Bottle Bank, ‘Fogabella’ ’… take your pick, wherever you start and stop, this is an album that promises much and delivers exactly as expected.” Tim Carroll, FolkWords Reviews.

“Completely wonderful. Such energetic, gritty, solid playing with some great arrangements which really brings out the strength and brilliance of these tunes.”  Verity Sharp, Late Junction, Radio 3.

“Exhilarating and invigorating… performing instinctively in consort on a enterprising repertoire.” fRoots, November 2016.