I am delighted that this October I shall be spending a week in the company of my good friend Frank McLaughlin. We have a series of concerts planned, and a couple of days with the fabulous Richard Werner at B & B Studios in Edinburgh.

Mon 10th October:  Private Concert at the Northumbrian Pipers Course in Whitley Bay

frank_stewart_brampton161011_mediumTues 11th October: Concert at The Howard Arms in Brampton. Tickets are £12 and include a buffet supper.

Weds / Thurs / Fri: In the recording studios!

Sat 15th October: House Concert in Jesmond. Tickets are £10 for this intimate venue. Refreshments and a short session follow the concert.

and towards the end of the month:

Thurs 27th October: Kirkcaldy Acoustic Music Club. Really looking forward to returning to Kirkcaldy.